The Most Notable BMW Car Chase Movie Scenes

Most adventure movie fans would agree that there is something special about a BMW car chase scene. The mixture of the smooth, classic car and the exciting chase creates an adventurous spectacle watchers can’t help but to become mesmerized by. Of all the BMW chases, two notable ones in particular have risen to the top and captured the hearts of BMW lovers everywhere.

Ronin, an action drama starring Robert De Niro and Natascha McElhone, car ninja has a very popular BMW car chase scene that is often a topic of discussion among car enthusiasts. It takes place in scenic Paris, France and involves some impressive stunt driving that can make even the toughest person cringe. Fast speeds, toppling trucks, burning cars, shooting, motorcycle crashes, split-second clearances, and human casualties make for an extremely entertaining viewing experience. And if that were not enough (though it usually is for most people), part of the chase takes place in the oncoming traffic lane of a highway! To top it all off, the cool, calm, collected driver is a beautiful woman. What more could a movie-goer ask for?

Another movie that gets a lot of play among BMW fans is the famous James Bond movie Tomorrow Never Dies. James Bond movies are iconic for their memorable scenes that remain popular and relevant for generations and generations.

A bit more high-tech than the Ronin scene, the scene from Tomorrow Never Dies involves Bond diving through the window of a speeding BMW, which, Latest foodie story the viewer soon discovers, has no driver. While easily maneuvering through a flurry of his enemy’s bullets and the tight turns of a parking garage, Bond controls the car with a small, handheld computer that allows him to see the road as if he were in the driver’s seat. At this point, the viewer has already guessed that this BMW is no regular BMW. In true James Bond fashion, it is equipped with the kinds of non-standard features real drivers could only dream of, like retractable roof-top guns; floor-release ninja stars; self-repairing tires; wire cutters; and (of course) missile launchers. more info please visit these websites:- To add a touch of levity to the intense scene, the segment comes to a close with Bond crashing this one-of-a-kind BMW through the front glass of a car rental business. The handheld computer then congratulates him on a safe journey.



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