A Few Ways to Promote the E-Lottery DVD

Here are a few ideas to help you promote your E-lottery DVDs.

The most easy and common method is handing The DVD to Friends and family, then simply collecting it after viewing. This is then a great opportunity to ask what they thought! Maybe they would like to join.

Mailing them in your local area with a note simply asking them to view the DVD with Details of collection in a few days time. This is a method that is used by other work from home business’s such as Kleaneeze. 

Creating a simple “request your free e-lottery DVD” form on line and sending prospects to this page. All you need to do then is send out the DVD and add them to your on line prospector. You can add a page link to this form on forums you regularly use.

Why not sell them on auction websites as part of a information pack. Even better and more indirectly, add one in items you sell on line with a simple letter.

Leave flyer’s on local notice boards with a Web URL as mentioned before to request the DVD. The flier should include some major key points about the E-lottery, closing with a statement such as “Request the Free DVD for more information”.

Place an add in a local paper to use the method above or Evan leave a contact number.

These methods can also be used with many other types of marketing material available from Virtual World Direct such as flyer’s, business cards and subscription forms. But the DVD tells prospects the facts without interruption.


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