iPhone Apps – The New Business Website?

Why have a website when you can have an iPhone app? No seriously. That the two alternatives of a website or an app are more similar than distinct, and can be seen in the adoption by large websites of iPhone versions thereof. Do these large sites like AutoTrader, Expedia & Volkswagen require another site or app? Maybe not, but these sites realize that the iPhone app is a digital marketing tool in itself.

What can the iPhone app accomplish that a website cannot. How about these features:

– Portability & mobility: show anyone, anytime what you’re interested in, or what you would lime to share to recommend to others… https://www.newbusinesswebsites.co.uk/ incredibly easy to do in realtime and a huge difference between emailing someone and waiting for a response. A great way to encourage word of mouth recommendations and salesmanship!

– Social Media Integrations: The ability of apps to embed direct Facebook and Twitter account access, for ease of access and sharing, is equal to or better than website widgets that have to be downloaded and installed.

– Alerts & Notifications: With the latest iPhone operating system an alert can be sent to notify the user in realtime… not possible through a website and for which an email notification is sub-optimal as being offsite and less likely to be opened.

The iPhone platform is of course, limited in many ways, some of which are being addressed by its cousin the iPad – screen real estate, navigation, viewable content, etc. While an iPhone app is not a substitute for a website, it can be regarded as a portable website with appeal to those markets & demographics that benefit from the unique features offered.

Notably, much information that you make available on your website can be shared and/or repurposed to fit within an iPhone app, especially if your site is CMS based or has RSS feed capability. In this way your major content assets are capable of multiple uses, and your websites & apps are utilized as delivery mediums for your content.

If your target market has elements of mobility, social media involvement and immediacy in decision making, then consider having an iPhone app in addition to and in support of your traditional website.

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