Have You Kissed Your Wife Today?

I do not mean to be funny; I just want to ask this all important question, have you kissed your wife today? It’s already mid morning, noon or evening depending on your geographical location, but it’s possible you may not have done that which is primary. Kissing is a way of expressing your love and care to your wife; it’s a way of easing her fears and tensions. Women need to be told we still love them, they need to understand they are still attractive and cherished just the way we did when we first fell in love with them.

Often times you watch actors and actresses do it on Bollywood, Nollywood or Hollywood and you wish you could join the queue, why don’t you come back home and do it to your wife? Kissing should be the first thing we should give to our wives on waking up in the morning and the last thing before bed to wish them a good night sleep. I would still recommend giving one or two extra kisses during the day to cap it up.

But why should we kiss our wives?

Kissing our wives provides them with the strength, energy, vigour and boost to carry on with the challenges of the day. It also helps shore up their confidence in our love for them. It is a way of giving them the reassurance that they are still very much cherished. In fact, most women even demand it, because not having it brings some kind of fear, tension and insecurity. It is just like the premium motor spirit, diesel or engine oil required to keep our automobiles going. Apart from kissing them, we husbands also need to hug and say nice words of encouragement to our partners. We should learn to appreciate them for being there for us at all times. How much does it cost you to do it? It costs nothing! Why then don’t we freely give to them that which costs nothing and yet is capable of putting smiles on their faces and joy in their hearts.

Haven’t you noticed that each time you kiss your wife and say words of appreciation to her she would go the whole hog to make you happy? You should at least have realized by that that you get happiness by first giving happiness out. If your spouse beams with joy and radiates with expression of emotional satisfaction wouldn’t it make you happy yourself? Then why do you deliberately or ignorantly starve your marriage of the joy it deserves? When next you wake up make sure you do not forget to give your wife that reassuring kiss: you should even give her one now if she is close by and the final one for the day before going to bed tonight.


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