Translation Services in Indian Languages – A Booming Career Opportunity!

India is coming up as one of the world’s fastest growing economies, and thus, there is a lot of interaction happening between India and rest of the world. India has a rich cultural heritage, with different regions speaking different languages and each language has its own accent and flavor. Thus, the interaction with different parts of the country has to be in the regional language of that state/district. Most of the local people are comfortable in their regional language and thus any document that is shared with those people must be in the local language.

This leads to a huge demand for translation services in Indian languages. There are many booming sectors such as micro-finance,learning etc that need interaction with the local people at the grass root level. Especially in such situations, there is a huge demand for professional Indian translation company.

For this article, we shall focus on two major Indian languages – Marathi & Assamese.

Marathi is spoken across Maharashtra, that is a large state towards the central-southern part of India. The business capital of India, Mumbai, lies in this region – thus, we can understand the necessity of Marathi Translation Services. A specialized set of professionals, normally referred to as Marathi Translators provide such services, either alone or in collaboration with a translation agency. As is very obvious, there is a need for both ways translation – ie English to Marathi translation, for Marathi people and Marathi to English Translation for docs that are written in Marathi, but need to be read by a non-Marathi speaker.

Thus, we can very well see that translation is coming up as a promising career opportunity. A person with an interest in linguistics can definitely think of entering this arena.

Assamese is spoken in Assam, towards the north-eastern part of India. The region is very language specific and the people there speak primarily in Assamese only. Thus, any interaction with the region has to happen in Assamese – hence the need for Assamese Translation Services. Assamese Translators must have a solid understanding of both English and Assamese to convert text from one language to another.

As in the case of Marathi, demand for this translation is also both ways – English to Assamese translation, wherein the translator must be a native Assamese speaker to offer quality and Assamese to English translation, wherein the translator must have a near-native hold on both languages.

Thus, from the above, it is clear, that students who are studying linguistics, can definitely take up translation as a career option. A strong understanding of English and their native language is very important to excel in this field. As the demand is increasing day-by-day, thus, we can extrapolate that jobs in this field are going to increase in the future.

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