My Lady, Package and Repackage Yourself for a Marital Change of Story

My Lady, Package and Repackage Yourself for a Marital Change of Story

This is an obvious fact; the utmost heart desire of most lady is to get married. Many dreamed of seeing this dream becoming a reality in 2015 but their dream became a mirage as 2015 has come and gone. So to ensure that marriage does not elude you this year 2016, you must necessarily do something about your life and person.

Some ladies are still single because there is a spiritual covering of their beauty while others, the devil had clothed them with the image of an old woman or ugly lady. For some, there is nothing attractive about them as such they are not attractive to any man. You must be attracted to a man in the first place before the man could have the desire to say I want to marry you.

As for other ladies, there are issues or things scary about their person and character. For the reasons mentioned above, you need to package or repackage yourself if actually it is your desire to get married in 2016.

For some ladies, the reason they are still single is because they don’t know how to package themselves as to get attracted to men as to get men to desire to marry them. Some, more info please visit:- their problem is over or too expensive packaging while others packaged themselves poorly. If you are too expensively packaged, average men will run away from you as they will be scared of marrying you. While men will so despise you if you package yourself poorly.

What actually determine the level of your packaging is your person as well as the social class you belong to. You must know who you really are and evaluate the social class you belong to. I wish to point out that your lifestyle must correspond with your packaging. Be yourself, don’t live a false lifestyle and totally avoid imitating someone else packaging.

Previous years especially last year 2015, you are sure you packaged yourself to the best of your ability yet you did not attract any man to marry you. Don’t worry if your packaging did not pay off, that means it is time for you to do a sort of repackaging.

In marketing, you see the owners or manufacturers of products quite often do packaging or repackaging all in an effort to increase the market of those products. Most often, they don’t change the content, yet they are constantly changing the package.

So if you are desirous of getting attracted to men as to get a man to marry you, you must necessarily package or repackaging yourself. Most a time, you buy something in the market because the packing of that thing was so appealing, but when you come home and open the package, you get so disappointed when you see the content. That is, the content is not as good as the package, in other words, the content is very far below the package.

The above situation is true of some ladies, by their packaging, they attract men who crowd around them, but when some of these men come close, they found out the opposite. Some men even propose marriage but later they found out that they were deceived by the ladies packaging. My lady, will men be disappointed after coming close to you for marriage.

Moreover, I wish to counsel that you should evaluate the totality of your worth? Some ladies, one thing about them is that they are so hot in bed and they are ready to jump to bed with men that come around them anytime. That is why men use and dump them like worthless rags. I used to say it; ワールドカップ 2018 you are a cheap article to men that conquers you in bed without any commitment to marry you.

There was something that happened some months ago, there was a lady I met in one shop where I usually go to buy computer accessories. The lady was working in that shop with a meager salary. That day, the lady was complaining that the fairly used phone she was using spoiled. A young man, very rich who heard the lady complain went out and bought an expensive blackberry phone for her.

The next day, the young man phoned the lady requesting her to come and meet him in a hotel. The lady refused vehemently and boldly told the man that she would never come to see him in a hotel or anywhere odd. She went ahead to tell him that she knew what the man wants and that he will never get that thing from her. She told the man that he should come and collect his blackberry phone back. In annoyance, the man went and collected the blackberry back.

I was around that day the man came to collected back the phone from her. The lady said that she will never sell her prestige and honor because of a blackberry phone. That day, マイクラネザライト I was compelled to buy for the lady a low-cost phone instead. To cut the long story short, two months later, the young man in question came back and this time, to request the lady’s hands in marriage.

The lady accepted to marry him on the condition that she will not have sex with him until after they are married. I am bold and happy to say that the lady got married to the man last year. I shared this story as to caution ladies who think that they can influence men to marry them by satisfying the men on a bed. 足裏マッサージ

In conclusion, you need to package and repackage yourself if it is your heart desire to get married and you will see that you get attracted to men who will rush to marry you. Shalom.


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